Seems like there are talks going around the officiating committee to tighten up on sportsmanship in the NFL.

Dean Blandino, the head of officiating for the NFL states that consideration is going on to revoke touchdowns if an offensive player is flagged for taunting.

Currently if a penalty is called for taunting on a scoring play, a 15-yard penalty is assessed on the kickoff.

But now the competition committee is looking into initiating a rule like the one currently in the college football ranks.  If a player is flagged for taunting on a play that results in a touchdown, the touchdown is taken back and a 15-yard penalty is assessed from the spot of the foul.

The reason the score still counts in the NFL is because taunting is considered a "dead-ball foul," so the play stands and the penalty is enforced on the next play.

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