As we all know by now Joey Jordison has parted ways with Slipknot, and lets keep it real that gig will be a pretty sick gig but whoever sits behind the kit for Slipknot will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving my opinion on who I think would be perfect behind the drum kit for Slipknot.

My first pick is Tim Yeung of Decrepit Birth and Hate Eternal but has a long list of bands that he has played with All That Remains and was apart of Morbid Angel's latest album "IIIud Divinum Insanus" which is pretty impressive to be able to perform and be able to stand in on other drummers work.

Which is why I think Tim would be a perfect fit for Slipknot. the guy has skills and could very well do Joey Jordison justice with the Slipknot songs.

Checkout some of Tim's work and we will wait and see what is in the future with Slipknot.