Here is a story to pull on your hemp strings...I mean heart strings.  As has been said in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, natural disasters can bring out the best in people -- and apparently that goes for drug dealers, too. 

A charitable cannabis dealer in Brooklyn, New York, tells The Huffington Post he donated half of his 14-hundred-dollar take last week to help victims of the storm, which severely damaged several communities in New York. "Look, there are probably some people down [in the Rockaways] who want some marijuana -- but that's not going to clothe and feed them," said the weed dealer to HuffPo under the condition of anonymity.  "So in order for me to help, I needed to turn what I do into something concrete that I could give to them," he says.  His ill-gotten gains went to a good cause, the website reports, buying supplies like hot meals, diapers, clean water and 50 wool blankets for residents who are still without power. The anonymous do-gooder also volunteers to transport supplies to various emergency relief centers in Brooklyn and Queens.

(Courtesy of ABC News)