Nutrition Bunker is for people of any fitness level who want to maximize their workouts or maintain a healthy fitness levels. At Nutrition Bunker, employees certified in sports nutrition and personal training help you “supplement your lifestyle” and help you reach your fitness goals, whether that means losing another dress size or squatting 450lbs. Nutrition Bunker offers sports nutrition supplements including vitamins, meal replacement, recovery, pre-workout, proteins and fat burners.

• Motto: ” Pursuing Victory ”

• Founded: March 4, 2010

• Led by: David Gomez

Get To Know The Fitness and Nutrition Expert:

Nutrition Bunker originally began in March of 2010 as Edge Nutrition. The company was started out of the need for an alternative to the big chain nutrition stores that primarily push their “in house” brands.

They started with a humble beginning and a dream. Their orders started without a store front presence and orders were made slowly, but opportunities soon presented themselves.

The hard work began to pay off when Nutrition Bunker was offered a base inside a local gym as a pro-shop. From that point, the company was able to gather loyal customers and has now expanded into its own store front.

Nutrition Bunker has been blessed by the local community and its Odessa store location and is currently in the midst of building their second location and with more locations coming!

At Nutrition Bunker, we are able to offer a variety of products and give our customers the advice and service they deserve! 

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 Visit them at their locations:

7270 E. Hwy 191 STE. 218 Odessa, TX 79762 in the Parks Legado Shopping Center

2423 North County Rd West, Odessa, TX 79763 inside Heroes Fitness