19-year-old Lindsay Longbottom of Daytona Beach, Florida didn't want her boyfriend to know she was cheating on him.  But because of the way she decided to cheat, now everyone in the nation knows.

WFTV-TV in Orlando reports that Longbottom wanted to get busy with an 18-year-old guy named Vincent Ewell, so they got drunk and decided to break into a high school to have sex because the boyfriend would not catch them there.

Its not clear if they were former, or current students at Mainland High School.  They also decided before they had sex that they would satisfy their "beer munchies," so they smashed up a vending machine.

What they didn't realize is that they had triggered the school's alarm system when they broke in, so they got caught by cops right in the middle of their pre-coitus meal.

So not only did they not get to have sex, but they also are facing burglary charges.