With the holiday weekend upon us here is my list of must have albums going in my iPod.   These are not in any particular order, just the top 10:

  • Metallica-"Metallica" (aka "The Black Album")
  • Adelitas Way-"Home School Valedictorian"
  • Ozzy-"The Ultimate Sin"
  • Van Halen-"Women and Children First"
  • Van Hagar-"OU812"
  • Journey-"Escape"
  • Trapt-"Someone in Control"
  • Dokken-"Under Lock and Key"
  • Chevelle-"Wonder Whats Next"
  • Queensryche-"Rage For Order"

There is my list of ten must have albums going in my iPod for the holiday weekend.  A variety of good rock music is a must to complete any road trip and remember don't drink and drive this holiday weekend, designate a driver.