Top 5 Midland/Odessa Scandals

I bet when you read the title of this blog your first thought was “The List”. Honestly until I started trolling the interwebs earlier this afternoon I had almost forgotten about the “The List”.  I remember I was living in Gardendale at the time and when it came out in the paper I found the name of the man who ran the little convience store down the street smack dab in the middle.

I’m sure the Midland/Odessa area has had more scandals then any of us really knows about but here are the top 5 (or rather the 5 I remember).

  1. ‘Friday Night Lights’ School Rocked By Sex Scandal and Suicide… at least that’s what the headlines read.  The story of the Permian High School teacher, Mark Lampman, accused of sexual misconduct  in 2014 who resigned from his job and commited suicide the next day.
  2. Middle school coaches and students arrested after “simulated sex” hazing.  Last year two Goddard Junior High School coaches and four Midland I.S.D. students were arrested in connection with a very disturbing incident on  a bus trip from Bonham Junior High to Midland that much of was being recorded on students cells phones where the coaches can be heard saying things like if anyone reported the incident, “today would be the last game”.  The incident itself involved students ganging up on other students in some very inappropirate ways and the coaches making no attempt to stop or address the lude behavior.

I had to inclue the mug shot I found because it could be said that while the incident was happening one of the coaches was driving while the other “Looked” the other way…. See what I did there?


  1. Permian Basin real estate scam totaling $45 million.  Apparently in 2014 a team of four greedy individuals, Michael Duraine Cowan II, Stephen Mark Hilliard, Cynthia Gayle Hirsch and Berta Laura McFaddin from Midland/Odessa faced charges for a mortgage fraud scheme that involved over 800 properties and $45 million in bank loans.
  2. The Jerry Joseph Basketball Scandal.  In 2011 a story in GQ magazine ran about a 22 year old man named Guerdwich Montimere who passed as a 16 year old Permian High School student to play basketball in 2009… and he almost got away with it.
  3. And the number one (at least in my opinion) Midland/Odessa scandal has to be “The List” scandal that had everyone in both towns glued to the TV waiting and daily scanning the newspaper awaiting the highly anticipated release of “The List”.  In 2004 a ‘massage parlor’ in Odessa called the “Healing Touch” was the center of a huge prostitution scandal involving a ton of very prominent members of the community but that wasn’t was made this whole sordid affair such a big deal, it was the fact that the Odessa American published a list of over 60 individuals who were arrested in connection with drug and prostitution charges on the front page of the paper for ALL the see. Do you remember ‘The List’?  Well if not, here it is, recognize anyone? I know I did!

Kenneth Douglas Anderson, 59, 57 San Clemente Circle, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Richard Wayne Bishop, 45, 1017 Ave. F, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Randall J. Brinlee, 48, 1475 Brittany Lane, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Crystal Ann Burchett, 23, 1104 Mt. Vernon St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

William W. Campbell, 56, 5211 Storey Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Rodolfo "Rudy" Juarez Carrillo, 47, 1200 E 44th St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Albert Matta Casias, 39, 2909 Ventura Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Coy Alan Edge, 41, 1800 E. 51st St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Charles Eugene Everett, 61, 3937 Norfolk Court, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Vernon Lee Foster, 55, 3014 N. Planet Ave, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Joseph Marion Frailey, 52, 1554 E. 50th St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Stuart Banes Gaddy, 46, 1423 N. Alleghaney Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Charles Malcolm Graham, 49, 1204 N.W. Third St., Andrews; Bond: $500.

Rayford Earl Graves, 44, 4700 Bolden Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Lee Evans Hadden, 48, 414 N. Lee Ave., Odessa; Bonds totaling: $1,500.

James Richard Hahn, 40, 1504 E. 23rd, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Jerry Allen Hahn, 56, 1916 S. Highway 137, Lamesa; Bond: $500.

William Stanley Heathman, 52, 3009 Phillip Place, Midland; Bond: $500.

Cecil Lawrence Holcomb, 41, 8928 W. Dunn St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Robert Jack Howell, 33, 4222 Dawn Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Melinda Nail Huff, 37, 109 E. VFW Lane, Odessa; Bond: $500.

James Ratliff Hurt, 74, Ratliff Ranch, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Joseph Stewart Hurt, 46, 1407 Wilshire Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Brewer Hutchinson Jr., 50, 1620 E. 56th St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Sidney Johnson Ingram Jr., 57, 1239 Roenoke Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Ricky Earl Jennings, 41, 10739 Goldenrod Ave., Gardendale; Bond: $500.

Sharon Ann Joyner, 50, 3031 E. Highway 80 #217, Odessa; Bond: $5,000.

Anthony King, 34, 2705 Halifax Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Joe Lozano, 48, 3701 S. County Rd. 118, Midland; Bond: $500.

James M. McClesky III, 58, 3714 Boulder Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

James Brian Mims, 43, 4425 Esmond Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Erik Lynn Parker, 47, 10014 Swan Road, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Jay Schmitt Peters, 45, 2015 S.E. Fifth St., Seminole; Bond: $500.

Teddy Gene Pittman, 57, 4706 Bryan Road, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Gene Patrick Powell Jr., 38, 6400 El Paso Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

David Charles Pritschow, 51, 4201 Dawn Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Robert Garza Rivera, 54, 1312 Cordova St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Clifford Eugene Rogers, 68, 822 N. Center Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

James Donald Sanders, 45, 4216 Clover Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Kathy Sue Shrum, 45, 2107 Shakespeare Road, Odessa; Bond: $5,000.

Burt Wayne Slater Jr., 48, #13 Cascade Court, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Michael Dudley Sledge, 52, 4018 Lakeside Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

John Elwood Snyder, 45, 8718 Pica Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Jimmy Worth Speed, 75, 5301 S. Stockton St., Monahans; Bond: $500.

William Crocker St. Clair, 62, 2605 McClintie St., Midland; Bond: $500.

David Lee Stice, 60, 4625 Applewood Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Jennifer Brown Thompson, 33, 7806 W. Galaxie St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Scott Martelle Tidwell, 44, 6108 Alta Vista Road, Odessa; Bonds totaling: $3,500.

Vincent Kyle Vines, 46, 2919 Kirkwood Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Michael Garland Warren, 35, 3200 N. Shandon Ave., Midland; Bond: $500.

Gary Lynn Watkins, 45, 1553 E. 52 St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Benny J. Webber, 45, 2305 Rebecca Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Middessa Therapy, 810 N. Dixie Blvd.

Elwayne Dwayne Beard Jr. , 51, 101 McDonald St., Midland; Bond: $500.

Johnathon Lee Decker, 46, 3101 Lockley, Midland; Bond: $500.

Andrew Scott Franks, 41, 1309 E County Road 128th, Midland; Bond: $500.

Sui Keung Gee, 67, 3707 Michigan Ave., Midland; Bond: $500.

David Gutierrez, 42, 1813 W. 23rd St., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Janet Elaine Lietz, 49, 3843 Penbrook St. #116, Odessa; Bond: $5,000.

John Gladstone MacFedries, 48, 2808 Santa Monica Ave., Odessa; Bond: $500.

Noe Morales, 37, 2955 Skylark Terrace, Odessa; Bond: $500.

Floyd Gene Smith, 57, 2306 Bobwhite Drive, Odessa; Bond: $500.

The following suspects were still wanted Tuesday evening on a class B misdemeanor charge of prostitution

Thomas Brown, 57, Odessa

David Alan Chance, 46, Odessa

Joe Florey, 49, Odessa

Jerry Good, 55, Andrews

Larry Kessler, 54, Odessa

Curtiss Mahanay, 42, Robert Lee

Larry Manley, 61, Midland

Charles Plymale, 32, Artesia, N.M.

Timothy Irl Powell, 43, Odessa

Charles David Shipp, 38, Midland

Thomas "Tommy" Lee Salmon Sr., 72, Odessa

Phillip Shivers, 48, Midland

Floyd Stennett, 48, Fort Stockton