The Olympics Hate a man in Tokyo, or it seems that way at least.  He was evicted for the games in 1964 and will be evicted again for the games in 2020.

According to Deadspin, the man's name is Kohei Jinno and back in 1964, when the Olympics were last held in Tokyo, he was 30 years old and had his home and tobacco shop in a part of the city that was going to be turned into an Olympic park, so they evicted him.

The city bulldozed his home, and he had to live in another town for two years until the government could build him a replacement home near the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

Fast forward nearly 50 years to today, Kohei is now 79 years old, and still lives in the home built by the government and running his tobacco shop. But the Olympics are coming back and the city wants to expand and update the stadium.

That means the city will be evicting him again.  When the Olympics begin, he will be 86.

Kohei says, "I don't want to see the Olympics at all.  Deep inside I have a kind of grudge against the Olympics.  I may go where you cannot set up a tobacco shop.  That means I will lose my reason for living."