Since today is Father's Day, here are three good and bad pieces of dating advice from real dads to their daughters.  Guys take note if you are trying to land "the one."Glamour asked readers to list the best and worst dating advice they got from their dad, and here are the results.

The three BEST pieces of advice are:

1.  "Date a gentleman."

2.  "Protect your heart."  That's from a woman whose father explained to her when she started dating that men are like sharks, they will circle around before going in for the kill.

3.  "Be independent first."

The three WORST pieces of advice are:

1.  "Date a younger version of me."

2.  "Pay attention to his name."  From a woman whose heart was broken by a guy named Matt Peter and her dad told her to never trust a boy with two first names.

3.  "Don't be a baby-maker."  From a woman whose dad sat her down and told her that, "vaginas are like vending machines.  Sperm goes in, and a baby comes out."