Everyone knows someone who has everything but still complains about something, here are the ten "first world" problems people regularly complain about.

  1. My wallet is too thick from having too much money in it.
  2. It's hot outside but freezing inside because the air conditioning  is too cold.
  3. My personal trainer is on vacation so I have to work out alone.
  4. My dishwasher takes too long to load and unload.
  5. My headphone cord gets tangled up in my bag.
  6. My cleaning lady took the day off.
  7. I'm upset because someone is wearing the same outfit as me.
  8. We really need another vehicle but don't have room in the driveway.
  9. I don't have batteries for the remote so I have to change channels by hand.
  10. I updated my phone and lost all my contacts.

There are some things to laugh about on a Monday.  Comment on others you can think of in the comments section below that were not mentioned.