People who use ridiculous excuses to get out of work should be punished, especially if they use some like these.

These are ten real excuses people have used to get out of work.  It is not known how many of them actually worked.

  1. I'm having trouble with my prostate. (Used by a woman!!!)
  2. Martians kidnapped my boyfriend and I have to rescue him.
  3. I had to stay home to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
  4. My dog hid my car keys.
  5. My wife got a bad dye job and I have to stay home to provide moral support.
  6. I have to stay out sick because of a sympathetic pregnancy.  (When a guy experiences a few of his wife's symptoms or anyone close to someone who is pregnant.)
  7. There's a snake on my porch and I can't leave the house.
  8. My dog didn't wake me up.
  9. I gave up my plane seat to an elderly person and can't get back for a few days.
  10. My sister got kidnapped and I have to go find her.

Seems like there are quite a few irresponsible canines in those excuses. What was the best excuse you used to get out of work?  Comment in the section below.