Getting out of working is an art form for some people, and here are the 10 most popular ways we waste time at work.

The list is complied by and here is how is pans out:

  1. Socializing.  14% of people say this is their number one time waster.
  2. Social networking.  77% of people with Facebook will check it at work.
  3. Web surfing.  45% of people this is their biggest time waster.
  4. Job hunting.  46% of people that are currently looking for a job are doing it while at work.
  5. Meetings.  11% of people say meetings is their biggest time waster.
  6. Taking care of personal business.  10% of people plan events at work, 2.3% make personal phone calls, and 3.1% run errands during work hours.
  7. Unexpected problems.  37% of people say their biggest time waste is fixing the mistakes of others while 11% say computer problems waste the most time.
  8. Communication.  The average person wastes 74 minutes a day trying to contact people and waiting for responses.
  9. Distractions.  36% of people say annoying co-workers waste their time and 22% say they are always stuck doing unproductive busy work.
  10. Daydreaming.  4% of people say this is their top distraction.