The no pubes craze seems to be the trend and makes us worry if you are not shaved bald in the crotch area, you will never get laid again. Well it turns out that is not true.

According to a new survey by online sex shop Adam & Eve, only 24% of men and 11% of women like a bald crotch area on their significant other.

33% of men and 40% of women preferred pubic hair on their significant other to be "present but groomed."

On the other side  14% of men and 19% of women wanted things natural and super bushy in the crotch area.  That's 1 in 7 men and 1 in 5 women, proving women are twice as likely to prefer their man to have a full bushy bush over being smooth.

The survey also found 30% of men and 31% of women have no preference on the amount of pubic hair.

Whats your take? You like a natural bush or prefer is smooth as possible or somewhere in between?  Make your comments below, no pun intended.