You have always heard not to get the name of your significant other tattooed on your body, some say it will lead to a break up.  Well here are ten celebrities that did not take that advice.

1.  Johnny Depp had his "Winona Forever" tattoo changed to "Wino Forever" after he and Winona Ryder split up.

2.  Charlie Sheen removed the "Denise" tattoo on his wrist after he and Denise Richards split up.  She also had a "Charlie" tattoo on her ankle, which she's since had re-worked.

3.  Heidi Klum had to have her Seal tattoo lasered off after they broke up.

4.  Eva Longoria had to deal with multiple tattoos after she and Tony Parker split, including his jersey number, their wedding date, and his initials, which were tattooed in a "private location."

5.  Former Spice Girl Mel B has had several tattoos removed . . . including the "Eddie" one she had on her hip for Eddie Murphy.

6.  Marc Anthony had his "Jennifer" tattoo worked into a tattoo of the Statue of Liberty after he broke up with Jennifer Lopez.  The Statue of Liberty was a tribute to another girlfriend, and now they've broken up.  As far as we know, he still has it.

7.  Angelina Jolie had "Billy Bob" tattooed on her arm for her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton.  But she's had it replaced with the coordinates of the birthplaces of her kids.  Billy Bob also had his "Angelina" tattoo tweaked to say "Angel."

8.  Kathy Griffin had a wedding ring tattooed on her finger when she married Matt Moline . . . and after they divorced, she's tried to have it lasered off five times, but it won't come off.

9.  Nick Carter got a "Paris" tattoo on his wrist during a fling with Paris Hilton . . . and she had his name tattooed on her backside.  Both have since been lasered off.

10.  Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold got multiple tattoos honoring each other . . . Tom even had Roseanne's head tattooed on his CHEST.  Tom's tattoos have been removed, while Roseanne disguised hers.

Have you had to remove or cover up an exes name that you got tatooed on your body? Tell us in the comments below.