A Florida man suspected of breaking into and trashing a townhouse was arrested but not before he grabbed a couple of beers from another residence in the middle of the on-foot chase.

The Sun-Sentinel reports 21-year-old Andrew Fatzinger was spotted in the early morning breaking into the house where he allegedly smashed electronics, sprayed mustard, and marked up the walls.

A neighbor reported the incident and called police who witnessed the suspect wearing a shirt over his head and pacing inside the residence.  When the suspect saw police he fled to a neighboring house and grabbed a couple of Heineken's according to police monitoring him from above in a Broward County Sheriff's Office helicopter.

He tossed the eventually emptied bottles as he ran, but K-9 units caught him.  Fatzinger allegedly punched the police dog but the dog subdued him anyway.

The suspect, who was treated for injuries form the dog, will be charged for the thousands of dollars of damage he did to the townhouse, and the theft of the two beers from the second residence.