A plastic surgeon in Santa Monica has released a list of the most sought-after celebrity body parts for men and women.

The most-desired "overall look" for men is the superhero look of Hugh Jackman, while women prefer Jennifer Aniston.

The celebrity "body" most men want is the "Magic Mike" look of Channing Tatum, while women prefer Gisele Bundchen.

The most wanted jawline for men is Robert Pattinson, while women prefer  the jawline of Keira Knightley.

Eyes that are in demand for men are Ian Somerhalder, while women want the cat-like eyes of Megan Fox.

Skinwise for men is the silky smooth look of Orlando Bloom, and women want skin like Katy Perry.

Other random parts are as follows: Angelina Jolie has the best lips, Beyonce has the best butt, and Leonardo DiCaprio has the best facial cheeks.