There is a lot of appeal to have sex at work, or even after hours at the office, but sex in public comes with a risk of getting caught and sex at work comes at the risk of getting fired.  Severance pay it looks like is a potent aphrodisiac.

A new survey published by Your Tango finds there are eight spots in the workplace where people will have sex, these are ranked by both men and women.  Here are the results, ranked from best place to worst place:

  1. Your office or on top of your desk.
  2. The conference room.
  3. A storage closet.
  4. The bathroom.
  5. In the elevator.
  6. On top of the copy machine.
  7. In the office kitchen.
  8. Outside where the smokers take their breaks.

Overall, 56% of women and 61% of men say they would be interested in having sex at the office, but only 21% of women and 52% of men have done it.