According to a nationwide survey and results published on, 11% of Americans admit they have participated in sexual activity while driving.  Men were much more likely to admit it than women, with 17% of men saying they have done it, and only 5% of women admitting it.

The survey also found people would be happy to give up sex if it made driving easier, 27% saying they would give up sex if it would get rid of traffic.

The people surveyed that had sex while driving, 5% of them said it caused an accident.

The survey also found 4% of people have read a book or newspaper while driving, and 9% of those got into an accident because of it.

10% of people surveyed say they put on makeup while driving, of those 6% got into an accident.

9% have flirted with another driver in another car, and 2% got into an accident because of it.

Finally, 54% sing in the car, and 30% pick their nose.