A recent survey was conducted of 51 NFL players, the same size as a regular roster of a pro team, and found that most of them could care less about a teammate's sexuality.

The survey was conducted by ESPN and found that of the 51 players surveyed, 86% of them said a teammate's sexuality does not matter to them, but were divided on whether or not a gay teammate would feel comfortable in the locker room.  Here are the results:

  • A player's sexual orientation matters to you.  True: 7 (14%), False: 44 (86%)
  • I had teammates or coaches that used homophobic slurs last season.  True: 32 (63%), False: 19 (37%)
  • I would shower around a gay teammate.  True: 39 (76%), False: 12 (24%)
  • An openly gay player would be comfortable in an NFL Locker room.  True: 25 (49%), False: 21 (41%), No answer: 5 (10%)

For more on this report check it out at ESPN.com.