Men in America are not paying for sex as much anymore because thanks to technology, they can find it for free.

The Seattle Times has information about a survey conducted by the University of Chicago that found 9.1% of men are still paying for sex, the lowest percentage since they started the survey decades ago.

So why the change? Websites like Adult Friend Finder and Craigslist Casual Encounters section, and apps like Tinder, are the places to actually find free sex.  And if you are gay, there is Grindr, so either way there is no need to pay a prostitute anymore for sex.

Older men, who are not so comfortable with the new technology, will stick to the old standard brothel to get their sex.

Younger men, who embrace the new technology and are single, are far less likely to get with a prostitute.

The study also found 26% of people that go with prostitutes do so to satisfy an immediate sexual urge.  19% say they go to prostitutes for variety, and 12% are looking for uncommitted sex.