Just in time for Halloween next week, a new survey was conducted on ghosts, aliens, and more.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 57% of Americans say they believe in ghosts while 21% believe there is absolutely no such thing as ghosts and the rest surveyed are not quite sure.

The ghost people voted most to be haunted by is Abraham Lincoln, with Marilyn Monroe being a close second.

The survey asked if you could visit someone after you died, who would it be? 28% would check in on family, and 22% would haunt their ex.

Only 24% of people who believe in ghosts said they were scared of them.

47% of Americans believe there are aliens out there, with men being more likely to believe in them than women.  Women are more likely to believe in ghosts.

43% of Americans believe in reincarnation, of that group 18% believe they were an animal in a past life, and 12% of men and 3% of women believe they were a political figure. 13% of men and 6% of women believe they were a criminal while 7% of men and 11% of women believe they were artists or entertainers.