Tattoos have become such a part of society today, no one really thinks much about them.  But according to a new survey, some still see a tattoo as rebellious.

Harris Interactive just released the results of a new poll on tattoos in the U.S. and here are five big things they found out.

  1. 22% of people have at least one tattoo.
  2. 49% of people still believe that people with tattoos are more rebellious.  Only 4% say people with tattoos are less rebellious.
  3. 4% say a tattoo makes you look more intelligent, 27% say it makes you look less intelligent.
  4. 12% said tattoos make a person sexier, 31% said tattoos make a person less sexy.
  5. 23% of people say someone with a tattoo is more likely to do something deviant, only 3% said people with tattoos are less likely to do something deviant.

Whats your take?  I have four tattoos myself and I find tattoos sexy, rebellious, and the person with them I would think would be deviant, but in a good way, like being kinky.  Let me know your take in the comments below.