If you are not getting enough sex while on vacation, maybe this survey will help all of us find out where we can have sex with five or more people while getting some well deserved R&R.

According to Daily Mail, they have results from a new survey on people's sexual adventures, and it turns out they are having way more fun than the rest of us.

  • 70% of people have had sex with a local on a vacation.
  • 43.5% have had sex with more than one person on the same vacation, and 10% have had sex with more than five people.
  • 17.5% of people have had a threesome on vacation.
  • 17% of people have had sex with a member of the hotel staff on vacation.
  • 14% have had sex with someone who was the opposite of their sexual orientation on vacation.

Last, but not least, the most common public place to have sex on vacation is a public bathroom.