In this edition of Stupid Criminals, we find a woman who decides to use her dead sister's name to get free health care, all while wearing a t-shirt memorializing her.

According to WWL-TVin New Orleans, 26-year-old Diondre Jones of Slidell, Louisiana was checking into the hospital for some treatment earlier this month, but wanted it for free.

So she gave them her dead sister's name and Social Security number instead of her own.

There was one problem, she was wearing a t-shirt that memorialized her dead sister.  It said, "We just can't stand to see you leaving" and had her name and photo on it.

Someone at the hospital noticed the writing and photo on her t-shirt, and called the police.

Jones was arrested and charged with one count of Medicare fraud, and she also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court.

So you get a double whammy of stupid criminal Diondre Jones, congratulations.