Guys it is not advised to get into a heated argument about your girlfriend's neediness, otherwise you could be missing something very important.

According to Gawker, 31-year-old Amber Ellis of Tulsa, Oklahoma and her boyfriend got into a fight on Wednesday night about how needy she had become.

The fight didn't really come to an end, it just kinda stopped when Amber's boyfriend stormed off to go to sleep.

Apparently that's when Ellis decided to prove she wasn't needy, or at least that she didn't need sex with her boyfriend anymore.

The boyfriend was woken up by Ellis trying to bite off his penis.

He fought her off but she smacked him in the head with a laptop which is when he called 911.

Ellis was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon and maiming.  Her boyfriend was rushed to the hospital and needed about four or five stitches at the base of his penis.