In this edition of Stupid Criminals, we take you across the pond to find a woman that cyberbullied herself.

According to This is Cornwall, 24-year-old Michelle Chapman of Cornwall, England was mad at her family so she decided to pose as them and cyberbully herself.

She set up fake Facebook profiles of her father, stepmother, and other relatives three years ago, and started using those fake profiles to send herself threatening and sexual messages.

The police investigated the messages and did a poor job because they ended up going after the father, stepmother, and other relatives who all got official police warnings to stop cyberbullying.

Things spiraled out of control for her family and her father's marriage was broken up because of the stress of the situation.

Eventually, the police traced the IP addresses and found the profiles had been created at Michelle's house.

She reluctantly confessed and admitted the reason she did it was to make her father's life hell as revenge.

She just pleaded guilty to actions tending or intending to pervert the course of justice and the judge gave her a sentence of 20 months in prison.