A guy in Spain showed up at a hospital last week, and said he chopped off two of his fingers in a cooking accident.

According to The Local, cops started getting suspicious after someone found his fingers at a local playground the next day, along with a knife and cutting board.

So they looked into it, and it turned out the guy recently bought six insurance policies, worth a total of $168,000 if he lost any fingers in an accident.  Which is when they realized the whole thing was a scam.

No word on why the guy cut off his fingers at a playground instead of a more believable setting, like a kitchen.  There is also no word on why he left the evidence behind either.

But it turns out he pulled off a similar scam last year by injuring his other hand, and got $33,000 for it.  It's not clear if he cut off any fingers that time though, and it's also not clear if he'll have to pay that back.

But he's facing charges for insurance fraud.  And unfortunately, it had been too long by the time someone found the fingers, so doctors weren't even able to reattach them.