Those of us who use Facebook regularly know how it all works, but there are those who have never used Facebook and don't understand how somethings work.  This guy was one of those people.

According to, 35-year-old Travis Schelling of Phoenix, Arizona started looking at his girlfriend's Facebook page this past Valentine's Day, and since he apparently had never used Facebook, he didn't understand what the "News Feed" feature was.

Schelling thought every time another guy's Facebook page update came up on her News Feed, it was that guy sending her a private message.

So he held her captive for over 12 hours, hitting her every time a new post update came through.

He also threatened to kill her if she called the police, so she convinced him she wouldn't and he left.  She immediately called the police.

Schelling was arrested later that day for aggravated assault, abuse, kidnapping, and several other charges.

According to police, this is not his first time behind bars, not a shocking revelation by any means.