In this edition of Stupid Criminals, we find a guy that ran inside a building to hide from police, and the building ends up being the police academy.

According to The Sun Herald, 30-year-old Roger Beasley of Biloxi, Mississippi was driving down the street when police saw him and knew from an earlier encounter that he did not have a license.

Police then tried to pull him over, but Beasley jumped out of his car and took off on foot, so the police officer got out of his patrol car and pursued Beasley.

He actually had a chance at getting away, but he ran into a building to hide that turned out to be the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy.

To further his string of bad luck, the police academy was in session.  There were even marked police cars out front which Beasley obviously didn't notice.

He was outnumbered and arrested and charged with resisting arrest, driving without a license, careless driving, making an improper lane change, and failure to comply.

His most serious charge was possession with intent to distribute, because they also found crack in his vehicle.