Earlier this week I told you about the sibling couple here in Texas caught making out in jail.  Well now the woman is arrested once again for choking her husband.

Yep you read right, according to the Houston Chronicle, 25-year old Charlene Ellet of Porter, Texas has a husband that is not her half-brother.

Earlier this week she was arrested for shoplifting with her half-brother 26-year-old Cameron Beck, then the pair were caught making out between the bars of their jail cells.

Well Charlene was just arrested again, this time for choking her husband.

Her husband found out about the affair his wife was having with her half-brother, and as expected, was not too pleased by the news.

Just after she was released, her husband went to the motel room where she was staying with her brother and confronted her about the affair.

The confrontation escalated and Charlene choked her husband.

She is now being held on $50,000 bond.