Its another edition of "Stupid Criminals" and our latest idiot proves that you just can't cure stupid, you can only hope to send it to jail.

This story comes to us courtesy of KNCN-TV CBS 4 in Denver, Colorado.

27-year-old Brandon Campbell of Lakewood, Colorado went on a robbery spree all while wearing his court-ordered ankle monitor complete with a GPS system.

Once cops started suspecting him in the crime spree, they checked the data recorded from his ankle monitor and tied him to all 15 burglaries.

One of his neighbors said, "It's stupid for sure.  It's almost like he wanted to get caught."  The district attorney was also quoted, saying "There's [no] doubt this guy is the last guy picked on the prison Brain Bowl team."

Campbell is now facing 15 burglary charges added to the crime that was the reason he was wearing an ankle monitor in the first place.  He was out on bond after he was caught stealing, ironically, a GPS navigation device.