When you leave your phone somewhere, your natural instinct is to call it to find it.  So this guy did just that, and got himself listed as a stupid criminal along with getting busted for robbery.

According to the Sun Sentinel, a 46-year-old in Hollywood, Florida named Wayne Wade couldn't find his phone last Wednesday.  So he immediately called it, and someone answered.  But what Wayne should have thought of before he called was where he had been that day.

Because earlier that morning, Wade had broken into a woman's apartment and robbed it., and that is where he left his phone.

When he called, a police officer heard it ringing, found it on the victim's bed, and picked it up.  At which point Wade explained that he needed his phone back, and freely gave the cop his name.

Apparently he didn't know it was a cop at that point, but he found out very quickly it was.

On Thursday, Wade tried to convince a judge that his phone had been stolen, and that whoever took it was the real burglar.

But he wasn't too convincing, because the fingerprints on his phone also linked him to five other robberies in the area.

He has been charged with burglary and grand theft.  Charges for the other five break-ins haven't come through yet.