In Florida it is still legal to talk on your cell phone and drive, so one man decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to the Tampa Tribune, back in 2011, a 60-year-old named Jason Humphreys put a cell phone jamming device in his car, so no one around him on the road could make phone calls.  But he thought it only worked within 30 feet.

But it turned out that during his commute to and from work in Tampa, he was also jamming a cell phone tower.  After the company that owns the tower complained last year, police were able to pinpoint the signal and pull him over.

When they did pull him over, they knew it was him because the device also jammed their police radios.  They eventually found it hidden under the passenger's seat.

Unfortunately for Humphreys, using a cell phone jammer is a federal crime and prosecutors went for the maximum penalty, so he's now facing a $48,000 fine.