In this edition of Stupid Criminals, a man in California that was facing drug charges showed up to court in a stolen car, with more drugs inside the car.

According to KCRA-TV, 49-year-old James Manning was busted for possession of an unidentified controlled substance in Sonora, California.

He was due in court last Friday, but he was in Redding, California, about 250 miles north, and didn't have a car.

So he decided to steal a 2001 Mitsubishi from a used car dealership.

The owner of the dealership immediately reported it as stolen, but Manning thought he could get around by changing the license plates.

But, the stolen car happened to have a GPS unit, which police somehow got access to, and found it parked outside the courthouse.

So Manning was arrested again, and they found drugs in the car so that added another controlled substance charge.

Manning's 45-year-old wife Teresa was hauled in as well even though she claims she didn't know the car was stolen and that James had told her he bought it earlier that day for $200.