Last week a man and his girlfriend in Oregon decided to have a romantic dinner at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse in Seaside, Oregon and apparently really appreciated the service at the restaurant.

According to The Oregonian, the couple was identified as 40-year-old Ryan Bensen of Beaverton, and his girlfriend 37-year-old Erica Manley of Cascade Locks, Oregon.

The couple after finishing their meal, paid the tab with a gift card and instead of cash for a tip, the couple decided to share their stash of crystal meth with the waitress in appreciation for their dining experience..

As bad as it sounds just think, drug addicts gave up their drugs, that's a way more generous tip than the average person tipping 20%.

The waitress quickly called 911.  Police reported that, "She was stunned and probably offended that somebody would think she is a user of meth."

The restaurant manager also commended his waitress for making the 911 call stating, "We're not a little dive bar or a hole in the wall.  We're a classy place."

Police found and arrested the couple and also found that they had been running a meth lab out of their room at the Holiday Inn right next to the restaurant.