A British company that sells insurance for cellphones has heard it all when it comes to broken mobile devices, and as proof has published its top 10 most bizarre client claims.   According to ThisIsPlymouth.com, one favorite was from a pyrotechnician who absentmindedly packed his phone

Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg via Getty Images

in a fireworks shell. The shell was fired into the air and detonated, mangling the phone in the process.

One client lost a cellphone to a sticky-fingered monkey, while another saw her phone snatched by a seagull, MobileInsurance.com revealed.

One woman claimed using the vibrate feature on her phone in a more intimate fashion than it was designed led to her cell breaking.

However, the number one most-bizarre claim was from a farmer who explained he was using his cellphone as a flashlight when trying to help his cow give birth when he "lost" the phone inside the new mother. Although he got the phone back, it was broken.