Scientific research came up with many ways fall is the sexiest season and here are the top six reasons. is who looked at the research and came up with the top 6:

  1. Your libido surges.  According to the research, testosterone levels are higher in fall than any other time, meaning a higher sex drive in both men and women.
  2. Women look hotter to men.  Women are generally heavier in the colder months and men think women's bodies look best at that time.
  3. Thanksgiving dinner naturally turns you on. Research shows sex drive has evolved so its primed by food, and the smell of pumpkin pie is sexually arousing.
  4. You watch more romantic comedies.  The research showed that as the temperatures get colder, the more likely people are to watch "chick flicks."
  5. More people are "in a relationship."  Someone in the research team followed people's relationship statuses on Facebook for all the seasons and found that fall had the most "in a relationship" statuses while summer was the season more people broke up or were single.
  6. It's baby-making season.  Statistics show that people are more fertile in the fall and birth rates peak nine months later in the late summer months.  Plus sperm counts are lower when its hot out and scientists think the body compensates when the weather is colder.