The trend for the past decade has been for women to be hairless from the eyes down, and now there is a push for men to be hairless in places also.

According to New York Magazine, there is a big debate going on right now about whether men with hairy backs should be expected to shave or wax them.

Is a man's hairy back equivalent to a woman having hairy armpits?

A writer named Joseph Stern on says no.  "There's nothing inherently gross or dirty about back hair, no reason why it should be singled out.  Especially when its close cousin, chest hair, remains so widely beloved."

But people with GQ Magazine disagree.  "Back hair is never sexy." A writer at 'The Cut' says men should have to wax their back out of fairness, if women have to wax something, men should too.

How do you feel if you have back hair? Should you be expected to shave your back?  Tell us in the comments section below.