You think you are going to spice up your sex life so you come up with something that sounds like it would be colossal, well here are seven things that sound good but in real life really aren't all that good.

This list was compiled by Ask Men and goes like this:

  1. Using Mirrors.  This may seem cool at first because you get to watch, but you end up looking at all of your own flaws.
  2. Shower Sex.  Once again a colossal idea in theory, but when you get down to it, you have to stand which limits the positions you can do and you risk slipping and falling.
  3. Car Sex.  There is no comfortable way to have sex in a car plus the danger of getting caught, and you don't want to crash and have your penis hanging out.
  4. Beach Sex.  As romantic and hot as this sounds remember you will be surrounded by sand.  So just imagine your nether regions being rubbed with sandpaper.
  5. Hot Tub Sex.  Hot water just breeds bacteria and that hot water also takes away your natural lubrication also.
  6. Massage Oil.  First of all the taste is not anything you would want to experience, it gets all over the sheets, and awkward sounds are created anytime your body parts come together.
  7. Making a Sex Tape.  Just remember that if you think your tape will not make it online, you would be wrong.

Just remember, what sounds romantic and awesome to do with the one you love could possibly be a little less than romantic and awesome when it is actually played out in real life.