If your luck is not good with online dating sites, you might be doing one of these seven things to prevent you from getting the dates you want.

According to Match.com, here are the seven most common mistakes people make with their online photos:

  1. Posting only one photo.  Multiple photos increase your chance of getting a response and if you have no photo at all, no one is going to waste their time with photo-less profiles.
  2. Photos with someone else.  Photos with someone that might look like an ex will not get you any response either.  Even if it is a sibling or friend it looks like you are on the rebound.
  3. Nothing but group shots.  A few group shots are okay, just include solo pics also.
  4. Photos that are too dark or blurry.  Your pictures need to be sharp and with good lighting so it is not giving the impression that you are using the blurry shots or dark shots because you are unattractive.
  5. Overusing filters.  If your photos are Photoshopped or altered with annoying Instagram filters, it looks like you are hiding something.
  6. Shirtless selfies in front of a bathroom mirror.  33% of women said a shirtless photo was the biggest reason they would pass up a guy's profile.  The women in the survey stated it was tacky and cocky.
  7. Women who crop their bodies out of every photo.  36% of men surveyed said that was the biggest turn-off.

Here is a tip from Match.com that you SHOULD do on your profile pics:

Post some close-ups of your face, some full-body shots, a group photo or two, and solo shots of you doing something you love, like travelling or hanging out with your dog.