Bad as it sounds, even if you are doing someone a favor, human nature prevents them from being able to resist the urge to dig for your secrets in your car.

Yahoo Autos reports 63% of people say when they borrowed someone's car, they have actually gone through the glove compartment, center console and trunk looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Co-workers and people you are dating are the most likely to go through your car, neighbors are next most likely, then friends.  Relatives are the least likely to go through your car.

Men are much more likely to do the snooping of a borrowed car than women. 76% of men have said they snooped versus 44% of women.

The survey also asked of those who had snooped around someone's car to name the most interesting things they had found. People mentioned finding surprising photos, liquor, drugs and guns.

Have you snooped through someone's car that you have borrowed? Let us know in the comments below, if you dare!!