Have you bought your tickets for the Powerball with the estimated prize to be close to $550 Million?  What would you do with that much money?  If you watch shows about people who have won the lottery you will find most have squandered away their winnings within 5 years after winning the millions they won.  I know that I would try to be smart about it and pay off all my bills I have first, then invest as much as I could of it in an account where I can live off the interest and then buy my dream house and car all while still being on the air doing my regular job.  I have been out of work before for months at a time and I can tell you that laying around all day does sound like something we would want to do until you do it and find it is very boring after a couple weeks.  So go buy your ticket by yourself or go in with some co-workers or friends and hope that your numbers are the ones they pick. GOOD LUCK!!

Tim Dominick/The State/MCT via Getty Images