A North Carolina postal worker who has been on disability since 2004, after an alleged shoulder injury, pleads guilty to fraud after she is caught on "The Price is Right" spinning the big wheel.  

WRAL-TV in Raleigh reports that Cathy WrenchCashwell has been getting disability payments from the postal service since her injury in 2004 and has been claiming she can't even lift a mail tray into a truck.

Come to find out she was lying and might have gotten away with it until she went on "The Price is Right."

In September of 2009, Cashwell made a trip to Los Angeles and went to a taping of the famous game show.  She got picked as a contestant, made it up on stage, and got to spin the Big Wheel.

According to federal investigators, the Big Wheel spin is what tanked her claim. They said, "she raised both arms above her head and gripped the same handle with both hands," then spun the wheel twice.

This prompted investigators to put a watch on Cashwell and they witnessed her zip-lining on vacation in 2010, and easily lifting and carrying heavy bags of groceries in 2011.

Monday she pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court and will be sentenced in September.  There is no word on how much money she got in disability benefits.