Phil Anselmo recently sat down with Loudwire and he talked about when he knew that Pantera was over and again just like in almost all of his interviews he has to bring up Vinnie Paul of Hellyeah.

There are some really cool stories that Phil Anselmo has told but that's really it and all he has anymore. Phil Anselmo still comes off as an @$$ hat and still tries to hold on to whatever he can to get some attention. And in my opinion it’s sad that he has to use these old stories as a crutch to get attention. I mean seriously if he is going to tell stories about Dimebag of course we are going to listen.

I still give love to Vinnie Paul for just leaving the past as just that, the past. He has his gig going with Hellyeah and he is always nothing but class and doesn't have to talk about the relationship between Phil Anselmo and himself to get some attention to plug his project.

Here is the interview with Phil Anselmo talking about Pantera and when he knew they were done.