The only reason that I am posting this video of Phil Anselmo ranting about having cell phones out in concert or how ever he deciding to stay relevant once again by associating some song from his new band blah blah blah, is because this cat is just a train wreck and I wonder just what he is taking to be this out of it in this video!

We have seen some musicians taking on the topic of fans using their cell phones during shows like Danzig and now Phil Anselmo and they are not fans of this new trend or not even a trend its just the way that it is fans can take pics and videos during a show and have it uploaded in literally seconds.

What I find funny is that if Phil Anselmo or Danzig were performing in front of 5000 people they wouldn't be any problem. But since they are performing in front a core audience of course they will find something to grip about.

But whatever, I hope we can all learn something from this video of Phil anselmo, what I learned is hug not drugs. Checkout the video and let me know if you agree with Phill Anselmo and his rant about cell phones.