Here is a list of beers that have had plummeting sales since 2007.

USA Today published the list courtesy of a website called 24/7 Wall Street.  See if you have stopped drinking any of these:

  1. Michelob Light, down 70%.
  2. Budweiser Select, down 62%.
  3. Milwaukee's Best, down 59%.
  4. Miller Genuine Draft, down 56%.
  5. Old Milwaukee, down 54%.
  6. Milwaukee's Best Light, down 40%.
  7. Heineken Light, down 37%
  8. Budweiser, down 29%.
  9. Labatt Blue, down 28%.

Seems the name "Milwaukee" is pretty much sales poison these days.  Let me know if there are any beers you have quit drinking in the comments section below.