There have been underwear before that claims to filter out the smell of your farts, but they were always bulky and reviews claimed they were only sort-of effective.

According to UberGizmo, the company is out of Leicestershire, England and they are hoping to change the bulky ineffective reputation with underwear they claim actually works.

They are called "Shreddies" and they promise the undies will completely absorb the smell of your SBDs.

The underwear is made from the same cloth used in chemical warfare suits and it's thin and flexible.

Even though you might think this is only a product for men, they do have styles available for women as well.  The men's version comes in a boxer brief style while the women's version comes in a brief.  It is unlikely they will create a thong in case that is YOUR style.

Now how much would a pair of these fart free undies cost?  The price is not cheap but not overly expensive either with the men's boxer briefs running $39-45, and the women's brief running between $31-34.  The shipping will also be about $8 since it is coming from across the pond.

If you are interested in ordering a pair click here.