A new scientific study ranked all body parts, given from both men and women, by how much it turns them on when someone touches or kisses them there.

Of course we know the genitalia top the lists of both men and women, so this list covers the top ten most popular erogenous zones after the genitals, and here they are in order:

For women - Mouth and lips, nape of the neck, breasts, nipples, inner thigh, back of the neck, ears, lower back, pubic hairline, and buttocks.

For men - Mouth and lips, testicles, inner thigh, nape of the neck, nipples, taint, pubic hairline, back of the neck, ears, and chest.

Both feet and toes finished near the bottom of both lists along with kneecaps, nose, elbow, and shin.

To see the scientific study click here.