Indiana University recently released a study on the true size of a man's private part in America, and they think they have the most accurate numbers in history.

The study reveals the average man in America is 5.57 inches when he is fully engorged.

So what makes this more accurate than past studies?  The problem with studies on penis size is that researchers don't do the studies in a lab, they allow the subjects to measure themselves when they are aroused.  This means the data is contingent on the subjects being honest.

But the one thing men will lie about, it is the size of their penis.

According to Psychology Today, researchers at Indiana University had 1,661 men report the size of their own penis when engorged, but instead the men were giving their measurements in exchange for custom-made condoms that would fit them perfectly to make sex safer and feel better.

This meant if the men lied, then the condoms would be too big on them and make the whole thing a waste of time.

Researchers figured the incentive was enough to keep them honest, or closer to honest than men in past studies.

The smallest size in the report was 1.57 inches fully engorged (we feel for that guy). The largest in the report was 10.24 inches fully engorged.