Rapper B.o.B. recently released a diss track aimed at Neil DeGrasse Tyson, after the renowned astrophysicist responded to the rapper's tweets alleging the world is flat. But wait, there's more! In response to B.o.B.'s diss track, a responding diss track has been released by Tyson's nephew on his behalf.

As fights often do these days, this one began on Twitter, with B.o.B. posting bizarre screenshots from what appears to be a conspiracy theory site, allegedly proving that the world is flat, not round. (You can read those tweets here.) Tyson responded to the rapper's tweets, pretty much shutting him down with facts and science, promoting B.o.B.'s diss track.

Listening to the lyrics of B.o.B.'s track, Flatline, it's pretty obvious that the rapper is heavy into the conspiracy theories, with lyrics referencing the lizards and free masons and superior blood lines:

As if B.o.B. and Neil DeGrasse Tyson arguing about whether the world is flat wasn't great enough, Tyson's nephew, Steve Tyson, who goes by the name Tyson on Soundcloud, has dropped a diss track in response to B.o.B's song.

While B.o.B. may be the superior rapper of the pair, we're going to have to say Tyson's science is a little more sound and that maybe rappers should stick to rapping instead of astrophysics.